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Radiate positivity and personal power with the vibrant hue of Sunflower yellow. Inspired by the solar plexus chakra, this energetic shade symbolizes self-esteem, optimism, and the warmth of inner fire. Embrace your inner strength as you flow through your practice, basking in the sunny vibes of Sunflower. Let these shorts ignite your spirit and uplift your yoga journey with every pose.

Elastic waistband at the waistline bellow the naval, wide triple layer cotton cuffs on the upper thighs which hold the shorts gently close to the skin.

100% Soft Organic Cotton. Monochromatic Lotus embroidery on the back. 


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Customer Reviews

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Devin Hight
Is it possible to find the perfect workout shorts for men?

Yes apparently it is. I have struggled for so long to find a good pair of shorts that are great for yoga and climbing. I even use these for weightlifting. In a market where there is virtually no options for men when it comes to yoga clothing, this is a life saver. Flexible and breathable, but it hugs the thighs perfectly to be secure when you are contorting or are upside down without strangling your legs. Perfect fit in a climbing harness as well as it lines up with the padding right where you would need it. I will definitely be ordering more colors for this.

יניב שסר
Amazing shorts

These Pune shorts are simply the best, amazing colors but most
Of all very soft and comfortable, I practice yoga only with them